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1802 Rosemont Ave
Frederick, MD 21702

Better Equipment = More options

We have the very latest powder coating technology from Gema. This is the absolute best powder coating equipment money can buy. State of the art technology combined with the best quality powder available gives our customers the best looking & longest lasting custom finish PERIOD.
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Our focus is on Quality

The powder coating industry is full of colorful people. Product quality levels can range all over the place. Make the right choice by choosing us for your powder coating needs. There’s no substitute for true quality. We have the proper training & equipment to get the job done correctly and produce the best finish that will LAST!
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Most attractive colors available

We only use the finest & highest quality powders available. We buy direct from the top manufacturers in the country. We only use Tiger Dry Lac and Prismatic Powders for all of our pieces. If you don’t make the choice to pay for quality now, you’ll be paying for it later!
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Getting the Perfect Coat

Customer Satisfaction is very important to us. From the prep to the final product, everything we¬†do is ‘in house’ and done by hand, not machine. This allows us to pay closer attention to detail, and do the job right the first time.
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