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1802 Rosemont Ave
Frederick, MD 21702

CASH FOR GOLD! Yamaha R6 motorcycle rims powder coated …. Frederick, MD

This customer came to us and said that he wanted his wheels Gold.  So, we stripped his stock wheels down and gave him a nice subtle gold with a wet clear coat to finish them off. The clear coat protects them from UV fading, and gives them that nice ‘wet’ look....
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Suzuki GSXR 1000 rims Powder Coated ……. Frederick, MD

I think the pictures here speak for themselves. Its probably safe to say that this bike has been tastefully upgraded with gloss white wheels from the old dingy black ones. Since we have a one-stop-shop, we were able to have the customer drop off his entire bike to us and do all of the work from start to finish. We removed tires, bearings, etc and re-installed everything after the powdercoating....
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The coolest Tandem bicycle you’ve ever seen

So we had this cute couple that came into our place with their brand new tandem bicycle recently. They have been riding for many years and wanted something a little different to their new bike. We discussed colors, textures, etc and ultimately came up with a custom lime green, hint of yellow, double sparkle combo. (say that 3 times fast). These photos don’t do it justice, but in the...
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Sparkle blue rims anyone?

With the world full of boring stock wheels … black wheels have been the remedy for the last few years. Nothing against black wheels, because it’s one of our specialties! But every now & then we run across someone who wants something a little different. We promised we wouldn’t mention his name, but a ‘certain’ Washington Redskins football player came by our place...
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Yamaha YZ125 motorcycle frame powder coated

This motorcycle frame is steel, and was old & rusty. The customer contemplated throwing it away and starting over. Until he saw our website that is. He decided to take on the project and get his kids to help disassemble it with him. They brought it into our shop and decided on a Yamaha blue texture powder coat. As you can see, we plugged up all the threaded holes, bearing seat area, etc....
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Nissan Z

Another happy customer driving around with a Primo set of wheels done by your local powder coating pros. This was another case of someone who thought ‘plasti-dip’ was a good idea. He quickly realized the difference in quality in a thorough/professional powder coating job. We did a double black texture on these wheels and they turned out amazing. We also did the engine brace in our...
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