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Poison Spider Jeep Wrangler bumpers

So let me first start off by saying that a year ago, we had never even heard of ‘poison spider’. Within the past year, we have had about 8 customers bring us Jeep parts that they bought from them to have us powder coat. HOLY CRAP these are quality pieces. Very well made, top quality metal, very strong, over-engineered, professionally welded are just a few things that come to mind when evaluating and inspecting their products.

Anyways, we just did a set of front and rear bumpers this week and like usual, they turned out awesome. These bumpers got the textured black treatment. What else for a Jeep bumper would you expect? We went super thick because we know what’s going to happen to these bumpers this summer! The customer is going to give us pics of them installed on his vehicle, but here’s a few pics to tide you over for now ………

IMG_9536.PNG IMG_9538.PNG IMG_9534.PNG IMG_9537.PNG IMG_9535.PNG



Our customer  was kind enough to send us a pic of his vehicle in action! (Thanks Dave). We did the sand blasting, chemical treatment, zinc primer, and 2 top coats. These things are TUFF and ready to bash stuff! These poison spider™ bumpers are top quality. Let me first say that we do a lot of wrangler parts and coat lots of metal items fabricated by different people. These bumpers are the nicest ones we’ve ever seen! By far, not even close.