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1802 Rosemont Ave
Frederick, MD 21702

PowderCoat brake calipers – Frederick, MD

These are calipers from an Infinity G35. Clearly, they came in looking pretty rough. They had several coats of junk on them and they needed a major face lift. As you can tell by the pictures, our process is very thorough. We media blast everywhere to get everything removed and end up with a nice gritty surface for the powder to adhere to. Then we outgassed them to get any/all dirt & oils to rise to the surface and burn off. We then dunked them in our Ultra Sonic cleaning tank to get them super clean. We applied our corrosion inhibitor chemical to them to protect the new coating well into the future. Then we coated the calipers with our in-house Primo gun metal. Turned out pretty nice

caliper caliper1 caliper3 caliper4 caliper6 caliper7