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CASH FOR GOLD! Yamaha R6 motorcycle rims powder coated …. Frederick, MD

This customer came to us and said that he wanted his wheels Gold.  So, we stripped his stock wheels down and gave him a nice subtle gold with a wet clear coat to finish them off. The clear coat protects them from UV fading, and gives them that nice ‘wet’ look.

IMG_0644 IMG_0647 IMG_0645 IMG_0646


Suzuki GSXR 1000 rims Powder Coated ……. Frederick, MD

I think the pictures here speak for themselves. Its probably safe to say that this bike has been tastefully upgraded with gloss white wheels from the old dingy black ones. Since we have a one-stop-shop, we were able to have the customer drop off his entire bike to us and do all of the work from start to finish. We removed tires, bearings, etc and re-installed everything after the powdercoating.

IMG_0643IMG_0639 IMG_0638


The coolest Tandem bicycle you’ve ever seen

So we had this cute couple that came into our place with their brand new tandem bicycle recently. They have been riding for many years and wanted something a little different to their new bike. We discussed colors, textures, etc and ultimately came up with a custom lime green, hint of yellow, double sparkle combo. (say that 3 times fast). These photos don’t do it justice, but in the natural sunlight all of the colors come alive! It turned out really cool & unique. If you see them riding around Frederick county give them a wave for us!

IMG_0580IMG_0578 IMG_0581


Sparkle blue rims anyone?

With the world full of boring stock wheels … black wheels have been the remedy for the last few years. Nothing against black wheels, because it’s one of our specialties! But every now & then we run across someone who wants something a little different. We promised we wouldn’t mention his name, but a ‘certain’ Washington Redskins football player came by our place a few weeks ago with a gorgeous one-of-a-kind custom blue Dodge charger hellcat. He purchased these 22″ wheels and they were chrome. He couldn’t stand the chrome, so he dropped them off to us to color match the car. It took a few tries to get the color combo correct, but I think we nailed it. Needless to say, if anyone see’s a blue Hellcat with blue wheels rolling into the Redskins players lot this season, that was us!

IMG_0573 IMG_0572


Yamaha YZ125 motorcycle frame powder coated

This motorcycle frame is steel, and was old & rusty. The customer contemplated throwing it away and starting over. Until he saw our website that is. He decided to take on the project and get his kids to help disassemble it with him. They brought it into our shop and decided on a Yamaha blue texture powder coat. As you can see, we plugged up all the threaded holes, bearing seat area, etc. Nice and clean.

IMG_0574 IMG_0575 IMG_0576


Nissan Z

Another happy customer driving around with a Primo set of wheels done by your local powder coating pros. This was another case of someone who thought ‘plasti-dip’ was a good idea. He quickly realized the difference in quality in a thorough/professional powder coating job. We did a double black texture on these wheels and they turned out amazing. We also did the engine brace in our Primo Red.



Porsche 911 in the house!

Feast your eyes on our newest car transformation. Just dressing up the wheels completely changed the way this car looks. This 911 Porsche went from boring to BOLD with the Primo treatment! We did all of the tire work, balancing, sand blasting, etc in house. The customer dropped off the entire and picked it up a few days later. We did the wheels and the exhaust tips in our Primo Black.

IMG_9977.PNG IMG_9982.PNG IMG_9978.PNG


LOOK OUT … Genesis turbo Black out!

One of our many military customers came to us with a need, and we filled it. He had a “friend” who plasti-dipped his wheels for him because he wanted them black. As you can see below, the plasti dip plasti coat “fad” is complete junk and worthless. Feast your eyes below on what that crap will look like after not much time/use. This guy learned real quick the VALUE in a quality powder coat job by the Pros at our shop, VS a “side-of-the-road” plastic spray bomb job. He dropped off his entire car to us and we were able to do his tire work, and the complete powder coat job in-house.

IMG_9893.PNG IMG_9896.PNG



Brand New Honda Civic spiffed up! Powder Coated wheels – Frederick, MD

This week we got a brand new Honda Civic dropped off for a wheel upgrade. Even though this car’s wheels already had some black in them, the customer wanted them completely blacked out with a high quality Primo Powder job. Since we do every step of the job in-house, we took the customer’s car into our powder lab and got to work. We have a car lift, tire machine & balancer, etc etc so the customer loved how he could drop his entire car off, and pick up the car in a couple days completed. Simple

IMG_9886.PNG IMG_9891.PNG



Our latest invention! Primo Tequila Sunrise bicycle frame — by Frederick, MD ‘s Powder Coating Pros

We had a customer come in recently with a bicycle frame he wanted coated. After discussing all of the color options available, he really didn’t see anything he wanted to go with. He had us create a new color. He wanted a “radical orange’ that nobody has. So, we got to work and created a one of a kind powder mixture. As the pics show below, it turned out pretty radical. We call it Primo Tequila sunrise. Its a 3 layer powder combo with our own in-house mixture. It has 2 different hues of orange along with a yellow undertone. When the light hits it at different angles the colors change slightly. One of a kind! A local Frederick, MD bicycle shop took it apart for him and we were able to knock this out in a few days. We’ll update everyone with a picture of the bicycle assembled if the customer sends us one. Stay tuned for the next one!

IMG_9887.PNG IMG_9888.PNG IMG_9889.PNG


Need a Hand …………. Rail?

Just did some railings for a local customer’s house. He wanted an ‘antiquEY’ look (as he called it), but still wanted it to look great and be tough as nails.  I give you ….. Primo Antique Bronze.

IMG_9570.PNG IMG_9572.PNG IMG_9571.PNG IMG_9569.PNG


Nissan Pathfinder wheels powder coated. Rims coated in good ol’ Frederick, MD

Just did a set of rims for a Nissan Pathfinder this week. Primo black midnight. Came out smooth as usual. Plus this guy had a lot of curb marks on his rims and we were able to make those disappear. We do all of our media blasting in house. We have our own car lift as well, so the customer was able to drop off his entire vehicle and pick it back up with the rims done. We can do tire changes, balancing etc etc. One stop shop.

IMG_9554.PNG IMG_9518.JPG


Poison Spider Jeep Wrangler bumpers

So let me first start off by saying that a year ago, we had never even heard of ‘poison spider’. Within the past year, we have had about 8 customers bring us Jeep parts that they bought from them to have us powder coat. HOLY CRAP these are quality pieces. Very well made, top quality metal, very strong, over-engineered, professionally welded are just a few things that come to mind when evaluating and inspecting their products.

Anyways, we just did a set of front and rear bumpers this week and like usual, they turned out awesome. These bumpers got the textured black treatment. What else for a Jeep bumper would you expect? We went super thick because we know what’s going to happen to these bumpers this summer! The customer is going to give us pics of them installed on his vehicle, but here’s a few pics to tide you over for now ………

IMG_9536.PNG IMG_9538.PNG IMG_9534.PNG IMG_9537.PNG IMG_9535.PNG



Our customer  was kind enough to send us a pic of his vehicle in action! (Thanks Dave). We did the sand blasting, chemical treatment, zinc primer, and 2 top coats. These things are TUFF and ready to bash stuff! These poison spider™ bumpers are top quality. Let me first say that we do a lot of wrangler parts and coat lots of metal items fabricated by different people. These bumpers are the nicest ones we’ve ever seen! By far, not even close.




Horse back riding anyone?

We recently did some horseback riding stirrups and decorative shoes in our signature ‘Primo purple illusion’ powder coat. Check em out.

NOTE: If anyone out there on the interweb likes what these look like, you can send us yours in the mail and we’ll coat them & send them back. Any color you can think of practically. We can do a set of stirrups for you for $89 SHIPPED. Call us at 301-418-6200 or email

purple 20131217-081813.jpg 20131217-122431.jpg

PowderCoat brake calipers – Frederick, MD

These are calipers from an Infinity G35. Clearly, they came in looking pretty rough. They had several coats of junk on them and they needed a major face lift. As you can tell by the pictures, our process is very thorough. We media blast everywhere to get everything removed and end up with a nice gritty surface for the powder to adhere to. Then we outgassed them to get any/all dirt & oils to rise to the surface and burn off. We then dunked them in our Ultra Sonic cleaning tank to get them super clean. We applied our corrosion inhibitor chemical to them to protect the new coating well into the future. Then we coated the calipers with our in-house Primo gun metal. Turned out pretty nice

caliper caliper1 caliper3 caliper4 caliper6 caliper7   


RED! — From the best powder coating and sand blasting service in Frederick, MD

Just did a couple motorcycle pieces today in Ferrari Red. As you can see on the brake caliper, we plug all the holes so powder doesn’t clog up any threads or passage ways.

IMG_9054.PNG IMG_9055.PNG



Who’s Got crabs!?

This is a crab pot steamer tray that we coated recently. These things always rust and people call us on a regular basis to provide a solution. Well here it is. Completely sand blasted & stripped down to raw metal. Then we coated it with a chemical that seals the pores of the metal and inhibits rusting & corrosion. Then we hit it with a layer of our zinc rich primer powder. And the final step was to bake on a top layer of a heavy duty textured black. Powder coating can yield some great results when done properly. But not all coating is created equal. Care to guess what type of coating was on this tray originally?? It was powder coat. But it was Incorrectly prepped & applied. This is what happens when you cut corners people …… rusty crabs!

photo 1

Don’t leave your bike outside! Sand blasting service to the rescue

This is the inside of a spoked motorcycle wheel from a Harley. As you can see, it had a lot of rust and corrosion. Most likely from leaving it outside and it getting wet on a regular basis. This was all on the inside of the wheel, so the owner had no idea. A piece of rust actually punctured his inner tube and caused him to have a flat! So, we got our hands on it, and corrected the problem. This is an example of our blasting & stripping services. A lot of times there are situations where people need something blasted, but not necessarily powder coated. No problem. Came out pretty nice.


Corvette brake caliper upgrade!

We just upgraded this corvette’s brake calipers from boring to BANG!


Ferrari anyone?

There’s a powder coat color that’s actually called “Ferrari Yellow”. So it seemed fitting to do this Ferrari sign for the DC dealership in the authentic color.


Bicycle frame sand blasted & coated

1970’s Bicycle frame and fork set. Smooth satin black

IMG_1746 IMG_1745 IMG_1748

In the hot seat!

I knew the day would come when a customer came through the door and asked for HOT RED for a color to coat a chair. It happened. We just got this real nice, all metal, rocking chair. It was an ugly green painted color on arrival. It had some rust underneath and the green paint was chipping badly. We completely stripped & sand blasted it, did our chemical dip to the raw metal to protect the steel, zinc primed and powder coated it HOT RED. Total upgrade from the boring green!

chair0 chair1 chair2


Jeep Wrangler parts

Recently, we powdercoated a set Front & rear bumpers in textured ‘beefy’ black and some tow hooks for a new Jeep wrangler. Came out real nice. Click on the pics!

jeep1 jeep2 jeep3



Triumph Scrambler wheels & spokes

One of our long time motorcycle customers decided to get his wheels done over the winter. He has stock
spoke wheels on his 2010 Triumph Scrambler. We did everything in a nice smooth matte black. We installed
new wheel bearings & tires as well. Came out flawless. Riding in style now!



Harley Davidson Engine & wheels

We had a nice sportster 1200 into the shop recently for service and the customer had us Powder Coat the bottom fork legs, wheels, and engine cylinders w/side covers. All blacked out now!




Am I seeing double? How about triple?

We work with a local custom sign maker that makes these awesome 3D displays. They are all made out of steel and laser cut. He makes anything imaginable from raw metal … logos, signs, fancy lettering, images, etc etc. These are a few examples of the Powder Coat work we have done for him lately.
20140122-084114.jpg 20140303-173440.jpg

Harley Davidson frame

We powdercoated a Harley frame this past week. Double gloss black. Came out amazing. Customer very happy. We plugged all of the threaded holes, the frame neck area, and motor mounts.
20140120-094147.jpg 20140120-094139.jpg 20140120-094128.jpg

Unicycle Anyone?

We did our first unicycle frame the other day. Not a bad color choice either! This is a unique white & silver vein textured powder. Came out flawless.

Gold Rush


These BMW wheels showed up tired and weathered looking. Our customer wanted them to ‘shine like gold’ he said. So we suggested to actually shoot them in a glossy gold finish. He agreed and now he’s got a gold rush BMW. Since we have a motorcycle & car repair shop in Frederick as well, we gladly mounted and balanced his new wheels for him as well.

Mr. Ed sighting?

20131217-081813.jpg 20131217-122431.jpg

So this woman & her horse stopped by the shop the other day and wanted to spice up their stirrups for their saddle. They wanted a sexy blue that everyone could see. Our first set of saddle stirrups …. Not bad huh?  -Giddeup





Range Rover wheels

20131217-080243.jpgAnother matte black fan once again. It’s hard to beat a sexy matte black these days. This is a before & after shot of some range rover wheels we did recently. Our Frederick, MD location has been slammed recently with wheels of all kinds. Top quality Powdercoating is clearly the best choice for restoring & renewing metals of all types. This particular customer actually had 5 wheels done because he wanted his spare to match as well! That’s Primo!

Matte black anyone?

20131217-080229.jpgOld faithful …. good ol matte black. You can never get enough of a nice, smooth, matte black. These are 22’s that we did this week. There’s actually 4 of them but with only 2 in the pic, you can get a closer look. These wheels arrived in chrome, so it was definitely a task removing all of the previous finish down to raw metal. But that’s the most professional way to get things done, and we gave new life to some chrome wheels that were peeling and corroded.

Multi-spoke Wheels

VW wheels. They arrived in bad shape and had to be blastedwheels & clean thoroughly. The customer decided on a metallic charoal. We shot the wheels with 2 coats of powder for extra durability. They came out great and the customer was very happy. We even mounted & balanced his new tires as well! One stop shop.

Old Honda CB350 Frame


This frame was brought to us with old, black paint peeling off it it. It had some rust spots as well. We cleaned it up and blasted it down to raw metal. The raw metal is what you see in the top (before) pics. We then treated the metal with a rust/corrosion inhibitor to keep it from being problematic in the future underneath our powder coat (most shops skip this step completely or do it incorrectly). We then coated the frame twice for extra durability/protection. It came out awesome. This is our signature “Primo Black” finish.  

Carburetor Pieces

20131007-111453.jpgThese are some carb pieces we did for an old Triumph. Came out perfect!

What’s for dinner? — STOVETOP!

stove1stove2This is what makes powder coating so fun. The odd ball stuff! We recently were commissioned to help restore an old stove.
The customer decided on a ‘stone black’. It was miserable having to strip off the old coating that was on there, but we got it
off and it turned out great.

Spokes Everywhere!

SPOKESSPOKES2We had a customer recently bring us 140 spokes he needed coated gloss black. We ended up actually fabricating a spoke holder to accommodate
all of them so we could clean & coat them all at one time. They came out pretty nice


One of our new color concoctions! Introducing Primo Plum to our in-house custom color options. We created this recently for a customer who wanted a really unique looking purple for his Hemi valve covers. We came up with a unique powder combination to produce this one-of-a-kind color. You can’t get this anywhere, except from us directly.  Take a look

photo (11)plum3 plum2 plum1

Diamond Plate samples

Thought we’d post up a couple pictures of some samples we did today. These diamond plate pieces are going to be used as hanging samples for customers to check out.

web1  IMG_1520 copy

Brush Guard Pieces

These pieces were brought to us by a gentleman this week. They were from his pick up truck. They are pieces that bolt onto the front bumper. They were already painted and had some rust, so they required some stripping & blasting. We got them super clean, then phosphated them to prevent any future corrosion. We coated twice with a really nice textured black we have. They came out looking really tough!

brush5 brush2 brush3 brush1 brush4

Ducati Motorcycle Parts

"Ducati Red" trellis frame. 2 coats with a tops clear

“Ducati Red” trellis frame. 2 coats with a tops clear

Single sided Ducati swingarm in black with a top coat w/gloss reducer

Single sided Ducati swingarm in black with a top coat w/gloss reducer

Gloss black sub frame. 2 coats

Gloss black sub frame. 2 coats

Lexus Wheel

This wheel is from a set of 4 that we did from a 07 Lexus IS250. The stock paint/coating from Lexus was peeling up and had some corrosion underneath. We stripped, blasted clean, and did a 2 coat powder job with “wheel silver” as the color. Came out looking brand new, and super smooth!





Translucent blue over top of metallic silver. UV clear as top coat.

Translucent blue over top of metallic silver. UV clear as top coat.